Thursday, 1 December 2016


Hello everyone! 

The 22nd of november the "Look Out company" came to our school to represent a theatre play called "Passion for fashion".

The Characters were: Nigel, Rosie, Wendy and Stella Bella. Nigel was the news presenter, he was vain, impatient and bossy. Rosie was the news reporter and her passion was the wild animals. Wendy Wind was the weather girl, Her passion was reading classic stories. Stella Bella was cheerful, talkative and very confident. She was a fashion designer.

Wendy accidentally spilled a cup of coffee over Nigel's new expensive suit. And Nigel was angry. He demanded Wendy and Rosie to get him a new suit.

Wendy was reading when some exciting news arrived: "Michael Jakson's dresses and costumes were to be auctioned in Hollywood. The TV studio had only one invitation. Nigel wanted to go, but Rosie said that she wasw the reporter so she had to go. Nigel made them feel sad and he demanded the new suit to go to Hollywood. Rosie and Wendy called Stella Bella who made a special suit for Nigel but she said that the fabrics were invisible to anyone who was not fashion conscious.

We had lots of fun, and at the end we asked questions to the actors and they answered.


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